Multi-Language Accounting System(MKS) Myanmar Version


【Overview & Features】

It is able to switch between three languages(Japanese-Myanmar-English) with just one click. It supports basic accounting functions such as Journal Entry,Ledger Entry,Financial Report,Automatic calculation of foreign exchange gain and loss and Define User Access Management.


Direct access to (black-box) local accounting information realized visualization. Visualization can lead to detect inconsistent data early and it will prevent problem occurring in data and data accuracy will also be improved.More Detail...

Multi-language Sale and Inventory Management Software(ESIM) Myanmar Version


【Overview and Features 】

Daily and regular data input like Master Data Input,Stock-in information input and picking instruction can be done can be done by local staff by using their native language.On the other hands Japanese Executive can check local staff inputted data (by their native language)with Japanese language mode.

【Benefits 】

[can reduce time consuming][can obtain more data accuracy and reliability ] [All member can see the same inventory information at the same time.( can share data at real time)] More Detail...

Multi-language Facility Maintenance Management Software(MMF) Myanmar Version


【Overview and Features 】

Inspection and Maintenance of Facility can be done by local language. The result of this inspection and maintenance, the history of inspection and maintenance of facility can be checked by Japanese mode at the side of Japan.

【Benefits 】

It can remove missing regular inspection and maintenance of facility. Inspection and maintenance information can be shared by Japanese Language at any time, anywhere.It can be obtained that local staff can manipulate if there is some problem in facility. More Detail...